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Terri Franz




The world of reading and books is ever changing, expanding, exciting, informative, delightful  and challenging! I love being able to share it with my students!


  • All classes have a scheduled library time each week. During this time we have a library lesson that might focus on an author, a theme, a great story, library skills and possibly a craft or project. The students also check out books during this time.


  • First semester Kindergarten students check out one book at a time. One of the skills we are working on is being responsible for taking and returning a book on time. When they seem to be ready, they will bring home 2 books.


  • First through fourth grade may have out up to three books.


  • All books are due the following week on their library day, if they want to continue reading a book they have, they are welcome to keep it. However, they need to bring it and recheck it during library.


  • During school hours, students are encouraged to come to the library with the teacher's permission, to return books and get new ones. They don't have to wait for their next library class.


Reading is the key to everything! Ask your child about the books they are checking out and reading. Even better...sit down and read to or with your child!



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