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Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Folders: Please look through your child’s folder EVERY NIGHT. Empty these folders nightly and return to school empty every day. Keep graded papers and notes at home. Please look through the return to school side as there may be time-sensitive paper needing to be returned.

Agendas: Your student’s agenda will be sent home each night. We put daily activities in here along with tests and what we’re doing during the day. Please look through this and sign each night for that day. You’re welcome to leave me a message in here as well because I also sign these every day.

Grading: if your child receives a 70% or less on a test, they have the opportunity to make corrections up to a 70%. I update grades weekly or bi-weekly. Student grades can be checked using Skyward. For Skyward assistance, please contact the front office.

Snacks and water: Hangry students don’t learn. For that reason, I encourage students to bring a HEALTHY snack each day that we will eat during our recess time outside. Please make sure it’s in a disposable container or zip lock for easy disposal. Staying hydrated is also very important and I allow students to keep a refillable water bottle (with their name on it) in a designated spot in our room for easy access during the day. On Friday, bottles will be sent home to be washed. Please return these back on Monday.

Personal Belongings: For safety reasons, please do not allow your child to bring candy, toys of any kind, or electronic devices to school (no smartwatches or watches with sound, please). If your child must bring a cell phone, it must be OFF in your child’s backpack. Personal items can easily become lost, broken, or stolen and I will not be held responsible for anything brought to school. If I see a student with these items in our room, I will collect and put in a cabinet for safe keeping until a parent can come retrieve it.

Homework: I have yet to find research that shows homework is beneficial to kids. I HAVE found studies that show how important reading every day is. That being said, the required homework is reading 30 minutes a night. Students will bring home a nightly log to keep track of books and minutes read. Test corrections, test review, and incomplete work may be sent home on occasion. Go be kids and have fun in the evenings!