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Library Policies

Check Out Procedures

  • Weekly Library Classes

Kindergarten students will choose one book off of a display shelf until they have been taught to use shelf markers. After that time they will be able to check out two books at a time.

1st-4th grades have the opportunity to check out up to 3 books at a time.

  • Open Check Out

All students are welcome to come to the library to return their books and check out new ones at any time the library is open and it's convenient for their classroom schedule. They do not have to wait until their next library class time.


Overdue Books/Damages/Fines

If the student has a book that is more than 7 days overdue they will not be allowed to check out until the late book is returned, brought in to renew or paid for. We do not have late fines in the elementary school.

If a book is returned damaged a repair fine may be assessed. That fine will need to be paid before the student can check out more books. If the book is damaged beyond repair, the replacement cost will be need to be paid before the student can check out any more books.

If a book is lost or misplaced it will need to be paid for in order to continue checking out materials in the library. In the event a book is paid for and then found and returned to the library during the same school year the money will be returned.

Overdue notices and fines will be emailed to parents on Sunday afternoon.

If at anytime the fines create a hardship please contact Mrs. Franz to make other arrangements. We want to work together to get books back in students' hands.

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